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Sierra Electronics Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a single CB antenna with a splitter for CB and AM-FM better than two separate antennas on a motorcycle?

Performance of a CB antenna on a motorcycle is really limited due to a small ground plane and height restrictions. A CB signal is 36 feet in length and in most cases we compress the antenna to less than 4 feet and thus less capture and radiation area. The radiation pattern should be Omni-directional, but putting another antenna, regardless of its use, less than a quarter wavelength of the radiated signal, 9 feet, has a bad effect on the signal. In the case of most motorcycles this distance is 3 feet or less and thus the non-CB antenna will absorb about 30% of the transmit power and will make the signal directional away from the non-CB antenna. Thus you have a better signal to the left side with less to the front and back and little signal to the right side.
This is why the GL1100 and GL1200 systems worked so much better than the newer Honda systems and why we are offering an antenna kit that helps eliminate these problems for the GL1500 and GL1800.

How do I get rid of ignition noise in my CB?
We always recommend grounding the unit to the frame and powering the 12v from the tail light. This has proven to be the quietest setup. The most important thing is the ground wire to the frame.

How do I get rid of rectifier noise in my headsets on my GL-1100 or GL-1200?
Rectifier noise is a constant "buzz" that is either reduced or eliminated by applying the brakes. We no longer offer a filter for this but the filter was basically a grounding harness that took the 2 green wires from the rectifier and tied them to the frame at the rectifier ran to the negative accessory terminal, wing nut on air filter, frame bolt on seat brace, and then to negative terminal of battery. Honda offers what we refer to as a "white band" replacement rectifier that is $170 that will help but not totally eliminate the "buzz"

How do I reduce the wind noise in my intercom?
The intercom on a motorcycle is basically a microphone amplifier, thus when you turn up the volume for the intercom all you are doing is increasing amplification of the mike. In order to make a microphone noise canceling it must be very directional. This means it must be placed in front of and centered on the mouth. Many people think because the wind sock is close to their mouth that it is ok but this is not necessarily the case. I recommend taking the wind sock off and loosening the clamp and repositioning the microphone so that it is in the center of the mouth. Another reason for the increased noise is the more efficient speakers. The less efficient speakers cannot reproduce the frequencies of the noise and thus are quieter.

Why do I have low volume or no channel memory on my GL1500 radio?
Honda GL1500 radio is equipped with a 5A memory backup fuse. The fuse powers not only the radio and clock memory, but it also provides power to the amplifier circuit. If you have lost a significant amount of your volume, please check the 5A fuse labeled BACK UP in the relay panel.  This fuse should have 12V on it at all times, even with the key in the OFF postion. Please see diagram below.


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